Interesting facts

  • According to NASA research, the village and the territory within a radius of 40 km around it have the cleanest air on the Balkan Peninsula /up-to-date air quality data/
  • The village is one of the few in the Rhodopes with a completely Christian population.
  • The largest domed Thracian tomb in Bulgaria was found in Chemerikata area near the village of Ravnogor.
  • Ravnogor is probably the only village that has preserved the unique tradition Nabora /read more/ and that has its own flag, coat of arms and anthem.
  • You could learn more about the village HERE.
Thanks to alexandermarinov

The village of Ravnogor was established in 1777 and its first name was Koriya (forest). Since the Turks could not convert the inhabitants of the village to Islam, they called them Aksi (bad) and the village Aksi Koriya (bad forest in Turkish). After the Bulgarian liberation in 1878, by a decision of the municipal council, the name was changed to Yasa Koriya (plain forest in Turkish). It was preserved until 1934, when it was transformed into Ravnogor (plain forest in Bulgarian) by a decree of the Council of Ministers.

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