Terms and Conditions

1. General provisions

These terms and conditions, subject to adjustments, apply directly or indirectly through www.boryka.com to all our services. You can read them online, via mobile devices, on site, by email or by phone. By accessing, browsing and using our website, you confirm that you have understood and accepted the terms and conditions set out below.

2. Scope of services

Through this website we from Sova Ltd. and in particular family Hotel “Borika”, Ravnogor (“hotel”) provide an online platform through which we advertise our services and through which visitors to the website can make reservations. By making a reservation through www.boryka.com, you enter into a direct contractual relationship (legally bound) with the accommodation. From the moment you choose the service you want, we are only in the role of intermediary between you and United Bulgarian Bank (UBB), forwarding the data of your chosen reservation to the appropriate place of payment of UBB – the Virtual POS terminal. You can learn more about the booking process in Sections 4 and 5 below. We are fully responsible for updating all prices, the number of rooms we offer and any other information posted on our website until your transfer to the virtual UBB POS terminal. We are not responsible for the bank’s payment service, nor can we be held liable for any errors (whether overt or covert), interruptions (whether due to temporary and / or partial damage, repair, update or technical operation of the virtual POS terminal).

3. Prices

The prices on our website are current and are announced in BGN, for those who pay in BGN, as well as in EUR for everyone else. All prices on the website www.boryka.com include fitness, table tennis, Wi-Fi, parking, VAT and tourist tax. All special offers are additionally appointed.

4. Confidentiality and data security

Your personal data is protected according to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and is used only by the reservation department of the hotel.

The security of the site is further ensured by the use of an encrypted connection between the server (website) and the browser (users) via TLS (Transport Layer Security) (its predecessor SSL (Secure Socket Layer)) protocol. The information transmitted through such a connection is protected from unauthorized access and interception.

To protect you from abuse when paying with your Visa or MasterCard, we apply the best practices recommended by international card organizations:

  • Security when entering and transferring card data is provided by using the SSL protocol to encrypt the connection between our server and the payment page of our servicing bank.
  • The authenticity of your card is verified by entering a security code (CVV2)
  • In addition, to identify you as a cardholder, the payment server for e-commerce of our servicing bank supports the authentication schemes of international card organizations – Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode, in case you are registered to use them.

5. Reservations and payments

5.1 Advance reservation with deposit:

5.1.1 By credit or debit card

If you choose this payment method you will be transferred to the page of our servicing bank, where you can enter your card data. If you are registered in the Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode authentication schemes, an authentication page of your Issuing Bank opens, where you enter your authentication password. Upon successful transaction (authorization received), a transaction note is displayed on the screen, which you can print or save.

Payment will be made according to the criteria and requirements of our servicing bank. If you pay by card, the amount is blocked on the account until the confirmation of the reservation. In case of cancellation of the reservation by Boryka Hotel, the amount is released and you have the funds in your account again at your disposal.
Should there arise an obligation for a refund of amounts paid by card for services agreed with us, this will be done through a credit transaction on the card by which the payment was made.

There are no booking fees, as payment is made directly to the bank’s virtual POS terminal.

In the event of fraud or unauthorized use of your credit card by third parties, please contact the card issuing bank. Boryka Family Hotel does not enter into a payment relationship with the user at the time of booking a service, but transfers the user to the terminal of our servicing bank. For this reason, the hotel is not liable for any funds withheld from you due to unauthorized transactions resulting from a reservation made on our website.

5.1.2 By bank transfer

The payment of the due amount can be made by bank transfer to the following accounts of Sova Ltd. in UBB Bank, Pazardzhik branch:

-account in BGN:

IBAN: BG37UBBS82411016491718, BIC: UBBSBGSF

-account in EUR:

IBAN: BG27UBBS80021450261710, BIC: UBBSBGSF

5.2 Necessary steps for making a reservation

5.2.1 Credit or debit card payment

1. Filling in the reservation form on the Boryka Hotel website.

2. Choice of payment method: “By card”

3. When you send the reservation request and a successful payment by credit or debit card is made, the amount is blocked on the account until the confirmation of the reservation and you receive an email with the result of the payment and a second email with a summary of the request.

4. Boryka Family Hotel will accept or reject (if there are no available rooms) the reservation by e-mail or telephone 

5. Upon confirmation of the reservation, the paid deposit is transferred to the account of Boryka Hotel, and in case of rejection the deposit is automatically returned in full on the card from which the payment was made.

5.2.2 Payment by bank transfer

1. Filling in the reservation form on the Boryka Hotel website.

2. Choice of payment method: “Bank transfer”

3. After sending the reservation request, you will receive an email with a summary of the request.

4. Boryka Family Hotel will accept or reject (if there are no available rooms) the reservation by e-mail or telephone

5. Confirmed reservation by Boryka Family Hotel shall be validated by a deposit paid by bank transfer within 2 working days. If this is not the case, the reservation will be considered as unvalidated and therefore unconfirmed.

6. In case of rejection of the reservation by Boryka Hotel, the paid deposit is returned in full to the bank account, from which the payment was ordered.

5.3 Payment directly at the hotel without prior reservation

Payment can be made during a visit without prior reservation directly at the hotel upon receiving the tourist service. Payment can be in cash or by credit or debit card via our POS terminal device installed at the hotel and maintained by our servicing bank.

6. Reservations and payments

We do not require or collect data from your credit or debit card to guarantee your reservation, as we transfer you to the virtual terminal of our servicing bank.
Through our virtual POS terminal, provided by UBB Bank, we accept payment by the following cards (V PAY or Master Card Electronic card is accepted only upon registration in the online authentication schemes Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode):

MasterCard Electronic
Visa Electron
Verified by Visa
MasterCard SecureCode

The maximum amount for a transaction is BGN 10,000.

Note: For more information, please refer to the terms of UBB at https://ubbpay.bg/.

If you would like to receive an invoice for your reservation, please indicate in the reservation form the necessary data for natural or legal person.

7. Cancellation

By making a reservation, you accept and agree to our cancellation policy and policy in case of no-show, as well as to any additional terms and to our accommodation policies that may apply to your reservation or to the time of your stay.

Free cancellation of the reservation with refund of the transferred funds: up to 5 days before the arrival date.

Late cancellation: if the reservation is canceled less than 5 days before the date of check-in, the deposit will be charged up to the charge for the first night and if there is a remaining balance, it will be refunded to the card from which the deposit was paid or if the deposit was paid by bank transfer – to the bank account from which the payment was ordered.

No-Show: no payments made for reservations are refunded.

8. Limited liability

Subject to the limitations set out in these terms and conditions and in accordance with the law, we are only liable for direct damages incurred, paid or for which you have been held liable as a result of our failure to comply with our obligations in connection with the services we offer on our website, up to the total amount of your reservation, as indicated in the confirmation e-mail.

However, neither we nor any of our employees are liable for any criminal, special, indirect or consequential loss (1) or damage, (2) for any inaccuracy related to UBB’s virtual POS terminal (including withholding funds from you due to unauthorized transactions arising from a reservation made on our website) for the services provided (3) offered by UBB, for any (direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive) damages, losses or costs 4) incurred by you for which you have been held liable, or have paid, incurred as a result of or in connection with the use, inability to use or delay of our website; for any (personal) injury, death, or other (direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive) damages, losses or expenses (5) suffered or for which you have been held liable or paid by you, whether due to (legal) actions, errors, non-compliance with obligations, (general) non-performance, intentional crime, omissions, non-performance, distortions, violation or non-performance of direct obligations (fully or partially) from the virtual POS terminal of the bank (its employees, representatives); including for any (even partial) force majeure or any other event beyond our control.

9. Intellectual property rights

The software required to perform our services or available for use on our website, as well as the intellectual property rights (including copyrights) of the content and information on the material of our website, are the property of Sova Ltd., unless not otherwise specified.

Sova Ltd. owns all rights to the content (including all intellectual property rights), the interface (including infrastructure) of the website on which the service is provided (including guest reviews and content translation) and you have no right to copy, (hyper- / deep) forward, publish, promote, sell, integrate and take advantage in any way of the content or our trademark without our express written permission.

10. Miscellaneous

These terms and conditions and the provision of our services are regulated and interpreted in accordance with Bulgarian law and all disputes arising from these general terms and conditions and our services should apply only and exclusively to the competent courts in Bulgaria.