Traditions and holidays

St. Peter's day - Ravnogor's village fair

It is held every year on the last Saturday of June. The festivities are filled with a diverse folklore program and magnificent circle dances take place in the center of the village. Guests of the fair are members of the municipal council, senior representatives of the church and prominent statesmen, and many tourists come to enjoy the Rhodope celebration and traditions.

Bagpipe Contest - Ravnogor

Bagpipe contest - Ravnogor is held in the second weekend of July alongside St. Elijah chapel near the village of Ravnogor, an inspirational place with incredible mountain views. The contest started in 2014 and is held under the patronage of Valya Balkanska and with the special participation of the bagpiper Petar Yanev, who is among its founders. The purpose of the event is to popularize the Rhodope folklore, to raise the love for the Bulgarian folk art in the hearts of young and old, thus reviving and preserving the traditions and spirit of the Bulgarian people. The event is realized thanks to the 'Bagpipe Contest - Ravnogor' Foundation, its donors, the municipality of Bratsigovo, the mayor of Ravnogor and with the active participation and support of Boryka Family Hotel.

Folk fair on St. Elijah day

It is celebrated on July 20 or the Saturday before or after it with a fair near the St. Elijah chapel. At that place there was a medieval monastery, which was active during the Ottoman rule. During the conversion of the Rhodopes to Islam, the monastery was set on fire, the monks were killed, and other 230 churches in this part of the mountain were destroyed. The monastery was restored in 1908. Currently, church services are held all year round, but mostly on the St. Elijah day, when thousands of residents and guests arrive for the fair. A sacrifice is prepared in honor of St. Elijah who gave the name to the hill and the old monastery. Everyone gathers on the meadow around the monastery in the form of family meetings and enjoy the Rhodope music and traditions.

Nabora fair /local tradition/

The Nabora fair is celebrated every year on the last Friday and Saturday of July and is a tradition that makes the village unique. The ritual has existed for at least 100 years and is associated with sending the young men to join the army as conscripts. Even though mandatory military service has been abolished in Bulgaria, Ravnogor is still the venue of this celebration promoting the patriotic spirit of the locals. All boys and girls at the age of 18, dressed in white shirts, go out on the square in front of the whole village. They kiss the Nabora flag and the national flag, take an oath of service to the country before the family and fatherland. The holiday is celebrated for two days with live music and traditional folklore circle dances on the square and the atmosphere is simply magical. You can feel the emotion HERE.

Potato Festival

The main cultivated crop in Ravnogor and livelihood for the population are potatoes. From ancient times the village is known as a center of eco-production of potatoes for Southern Bulgaria. One of the largest seed-producing farms in the country that existed prior to 1990 also contributed to this fact. Currently, the village is known throughout Bulgaria for the bio potatoes produced here. That is why since 2005 one of a kind festival has been held annually on the last Saturday of October, namely the Potato Festival. An exhibition of potatoes, their decoration and specific dishes prepared with potatoes is organized. There are also prizes for the best performers in different categories.